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    Someplace aloft on Olympus, in a small village, Karya, tucked in Titnata’s arms, the mountain of the Titans, and in that mountain of the twelve Gods and Muses, I chose to settle my workshop and present to you, who appreciate quality and the effort to create, anything purer the nature gives us.
    So, longing forgotten flavors and in an effort not to lose them through time, I take the baton from the older housewives of villages of mountains and plains, and, in accordance with their advices, I create in my small modern workshop products, with passion and careful to detail, always following the rules of hygiene and food safety in accordance with EU standards, and I garner, inside each package, a little of the air and water of the Gods’ and the Giants’ mountain.
    I choose responsibly "each fruit in its time" for spoon sweets, marmalades and compotes, using as less sugar as I can. For this reason my marmalades have large quantity of fruit and my spoon sweets slightly diluted syrup. I prefer fresh vegetables from local producers for pickles and sauces.
    Also, I use the purest raw materials for frumenty and pasta, drying them traditionally in the fresh air of Olympus and not in an oven.

I invite you to taste them!

   Enjoy them & well spent


Dimitra Tokmaki Karakosta
Olympus Karya